Motiva Aesthetic Clinic

Motiva Aesthetic Clinic strives to provide a seamless patient centric experience by providing the expert recommendation to address any concerns that you have.

Our dedicated team of surgeons in the Philippines, with years of experience in breast augmentation, can provide all the information that you need for your breast augmentation journey, guiding you every step of the way.

Here at Motiva Aesthetic Clinic, we provide the premium Motiva Ergonomix® breast augmentation experience to ensure safe and natural-looking results for our patients.


Upgrade to RFID-Enabled Implant

Q inside® Safety Technology (Qid®), the first and only FDA-cleared RFID micro-transponder for human use, has the ability to verify the authenticity of your breast implant by providing information about the implant without undergoing invasive procedures, unlike traditional implants.

*Disclaimer: Information from RFID-Enabled Implants can only be extracted using a Motiva® Qid® scanner. It does not function as a tracker. 



Motiva®’s trusted warranty policies cover rare cases of complications such as implant rupture and capsular contracture. Our package includes the Always Confident Warranty® and the Product Replacement Policy.


Surgeon Selection

Motiva Aesthetic Clinic has a roster of high-profile surgeons in the Philippines to give you Motiva Ergonomix®. No need to book the surgeon yourself. We will help you set up with the surgeon that you want, giving you priority queue in consultations and booking of slots for Motiva Ergonomix®

Our Doctors



Motiva Aesthetic Clinic believes that every patient has their own specific needs for the breast augmentation journey. That’s why we provide personalized services for the whole process, from setting up a consultation with your preferred surgeon, assisting patients to doctor visits, and attending to your inquiries even after surgery.



Get your money’s worth by undergoing breast augmentation with us. Motiva Aesthetic Clinic offers you special rates with Motiva Ergonomix® that is EXCLUSIVE if you register with us. Inquire now to know how you can avail these rates!